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  • Finally! T-shirts and other merchandise from the Manitoba Separatist Party are available online!
  • Coolest t-shirts ever... and you can even submit your own designs (maybe you'll see one of mine up there soon): Threadless
  • Paper Doll has the coolest stuff from lines like OK47, TPHS, Gentle Fawn, and Geek Boutique (makers of the best skirts ever).
  • Direct from Seattle... it's Archie McPhee! Silly, silly, irresistably silly...
  • And in a similar but shwankier vein, the aptly-named I want one of those!
  • They still make barkcloth? yes they do! Way cool fabric and handbags and wall paper and...
  • What can I say except "yum." Buy me something sweet at
  • Everybody loves Hello Kitty. And while nothing beats the sensory overload of a trip to Pacific Mall, the stuff is a lot cheaper online.
  • I can't walk into Lush without breaking into hives, but the online store sends the stuff in tolerably small doses.
  • At Indigo online, you can look stuff up that you can't quite remember the name of, and read synopses and reviews, thus sparing yourself embarrassment when posing at dinner parties. And of course buy stuff for me, too.
  • is hosted by 1&1