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Sometimes they send you chocolate in the mail when you really need it. Sometimes you lose track of them altogether, which is one of the reasons that I created this page, of course. Do I know you? tell me!

Slowly but surely the rest of the world is catching up to me, and building digital temples to their solipsism (aka, homepages). Don't go complaining that you haven't gotten a mention when you haven't sent me your url.Here's who I've got so far:

I also have some photos, and an article I wrote for the Globe and Mail about my dear friend Greg McConnell. Other Greg-related stuff is now on a separate page.

* Deb has a harp. that's so cool. I always wanted a harp as a child, but my cold-hearted parents never got me one. Life was hard. I am forever scarred. But I digress. is hosted by 1&1