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Some of us like it too much, but what the hell. Life is short, pass the munchies.

Here we present: the Dinner of the Decade - with a summery new menu! Old recipes, as always, are stored in the archives.

For those of you who need to raise your cholesterol levels, we have a page of desserts, and a new page: the unhealthy vegan, with treats that hard-core omnivores will enjoy as much as the vegans do.

Been hunting emus and need a recipe? Or perhaps you are a starving student reduced to trapping squirrels? Your prayers have been answered.

And of course, the infamous stuffed camel recipe.

And by unpoplular demand, the tuna shake page ("remember no matter what it is just dump it in the blender and it's a shake!!!")

Other good links: the encyclopedic Epicurious, the authentic (and quaintly translated) Milioni, and the kitschily horrifying Kraft?

Or if that's too much for you to handle, you can curl up in a ball and drown your sorrows. is hosted by 1&1

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