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Send me any new family photos, and I shall post them here.

Another new addition! Maura and Doug's daughter Thaea

Anna with Ron and the newest member of the family: Lilliana.

The "ancestral home" in Froome, England.

My Great Aunt Lil

Young Nick and cousin David, at the 2001 family reunion

A new reunion tradition: sparkletoes!

The painting of the toes.

A somewhat battered photo of a lute made by my cousin, David Miller.

Ancestors James Watkins and his wife Leah (née Davis)

Sad news: uncle George, the family's great storyteller, died 30 December 2001. Here's a picture of George as a strapping young man.

Here's a picture from 1860 (ish) - my great-grandmother, Leah Watkins (née Davis)

Summer 2002 Mum and I drove up to St.-Sauveur to have lunch with Gay and Pam and Gertrude and Jennifer. I don't think we'd all been in the same room since I was an infant!

Young nephew Nick (age two-and-a-half) frolicking in the autumn leaves.

The forebears: my grandmother, May Edna Watkins

This is a wonderful photo of Mum and my cousin Gaylord taken on a trip to Spain in 1962.

Here's my sister Rosemary and nephew Nicky (aged one-and-a-half) at Christmas! (Nick is bigger now... Rosemary is the same size).

This is from when Nick was just a baby... that's my Mum, not sure what she was doing to the poor little guy...

My Great Aunt Fan. is hosted by 1&1

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