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The people who make us what we are, whether we like it or not.

Perhaps we are related, prodigal souls torn apart at birth, each never to know of the other's existence... please check the family tree before drawing up your will (i have actually started the arduous process of putting it up here, finally). or you could scan the gallery, to see if your shadowy figure is skulking in the background of the crowd shots. or you could just drop me a line and ask.

More photos:

Do you have a nifty webpage for me to link to? tell me! So far, I have links to my sister and my cousin (once removed?) Galen, and a page about my cousin Mimi, and her husband Eoin.

The CBC story engine now carries a story and photo submitted by Mum from the diary of George Weldon.

I also have two obituaries of mum's cousin Gerald Whitrow, who died last spring at 87 (a new link as the old ones expired), and an article on his wife Magda. is hosted by 1&1

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