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Our first trip to Africa

Summer of 2007, we spent a month in Africa, flying through London to Lusaka. Here are some snaps from the trip, with all of the extended family on the Banda side. The full story of our visit is here.

me, catrina, tg and wee harry

With TG's friend Catrina in London for our stopover

On the tarmac at Lusaka Airport

Welcome to Zambia!

Harry and Gogo in her garden

With Gogo and Patricia

With Uncle Derek

Harry learned to eat while we were in Zambia!

With Auntie Sarah

Everyone knows how to do a bapu here!

Harry with TG's cousin Lindila

Lindila's son Daniel

Uncle Lytton (Mbonella's father)

Lunch at Kalaki's house!

Me with DHB (TG's dad)

Harry with Towanni and Luke

Harry and Uncle Roy

Grandparents, Roy, and Auntie Sarah

Gogo with Yaliwe's daughter

Harry and Yaliwe is hosted by 1&1

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